i write commercial fiction as abidemi sanusi and christian books as levi read.

Writing as Abidemi Sanusi

Eyo, by Abidemi Sanusi

Eyo, an illiterate 10-year-old girl is taken to the UK with promises of a better life. Eventually, she is rescued only to realise that in even in freedom, society demands an exacting price from those it should protect.

My latest book. Published by Jacaranda. About a Nigerian man who’s convinced that Bono the musician is the solution to the lack of water problem in his Nigerian slum. I dare you NOT to laugh when you read this book.

Looking for Bono, by Abidemi Sanusi

Writing as christian author, levi read

Levi Read books

I shouldn’t have favourites, but this is defo my fav faith-based book that I’ve written. It’s a fictionalised account of 10 women from the Bible. 

God has Daughters Too, by Abidemi Sanusi Levi Read
Kemi's Journal, by Abidemi Sanusi, Levi Read

My first book. Or more specifically, my first faith-based book. I’ve come a long way since.

An inspiring biography of Gloria Kwashi, friend of widow and mother to the motherless.

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