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Chargrilled vegetables

How to make chargrilled vegetables

Once in a while I crave some food. Sooner or later, the craving becomes an obsession. And right now, my latest obsession is chargrilled vegetables.

As confessions go, it’s way up there with ‘Confessions nobody really cares about’. I mention it to you, because every time I share the photos of the results of my latest grilling with family and friends, I’m always asked for the recipe.

Chargrilled vegetables recipe

And that’s the thing, there is no recipe as such. All you need to do is get some root vegetables, sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper and shove in the grill.

However, for those who would like a more detailed recipe, here goes:

  • Get some root vegetables
  • This is what I had in the fridge (courgettes, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, sugar snap peas).
  • Cut the vegetables in bitesize pieces
  • Put the vegetables in hot water and cook for about 45 secs to 1 minute (you can skip this bit if you like your veg extra crunchy – I do)
  • You do not want the vegetables to boil. You just want them ‘just right’
  • Drain the pot
  • Return the drained pot of vegetables to the heat for about 10 secs (this is to drain out the excess water from the hot water immersion)
  • Drain again the pot of vegetables again (essentially, we’re trying to make the vegetables as water-free as possible)
  • Sprinkle the vegetables with olive oil, black pepper and salt
  • Place under the grill for about seven minutes (adjust time to your preference)

As you can see, I like mine pretty chargrilled:

Chargrilled vegetables
Image copyright: Abidemi Sanusi

Eat on its own or serve with a main meal of your choice.

Luxury chocolate vegan yoghurt dessert

I sometimes have my chargrilled vegetables with my very own homemade ‘luxury yoghurt pot’.


  1. Plain yoghurt (I used soy yoghurt)
  2. Chocolate powder
  3. Oats


  • Layer a glass with oats
  • Top up with yoghurt
  • Layer with chocolate powder
  • Add a later of mixed seeds (optional)

Here’s mine:

Image copyright: Abidemi Sanusi

As all that wasn’t enough, I’ve been scoffing my face with persimmon (also known as sharon fruit), another obsession of mine.

Ever tried persimmon? It’s amazing!

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